AMG Power Systems

Is a small company based in Durban - South Africa.   We are specialists in the fields of:
    Low, Medium and High Voltage Power Systems  
    Protective relaying.
    Substation and power installation   
    Substation battery / charger systems

We provide the following Services:
Complete Commissioning of new installations
Routine testing of protection and control      
Switchgear and transformer maintenance
Training on Switchgear,  Transformers and 
       Protection Systems
We manufacture and sell the following products:
    High Current injection test sets.
    Secondary Current injection test sets for protection relays.

We import and sell the following products:

    High Voltage Pressure Test Sets
    Variacs to any specification.

Please browse our website and contact us should you require any of our services or products.
*** NEWS FLASH ***
We have aquired an Omicron CMC Relay test set which represents the best test equipment on the market.   We look forward to putting this test equipment to use on YOUR system to provide the best testing service possible.
*** NEWS FLASH ***
We have recently completed a major commissioning contract in Mocambique.  Read about it here.

AMG Power Systems