AMG Power Systems

Company Profile

  • We are specialists in the fields of:
    • Protective relaying
    • Switchgear
    • Transformers


  • We offer the following services:
    • Routine testing of protection relays and systems
    • Impartial advice on protection relaying systems and schemes.
    • Protection relay upgrades
    • Protection settings calculations,  fault level calculations
    • Protection and switchgear audits
    • Commissioning of LV,  MV and HV substations
    • Installation of protection relays and power meters
    • Protection mal-operation investigations
    • Operator training product specific or general


Please contact us by telephone or e-mail should you require any of our services.  All work is undertaken by the owner Andrew Grant (ex Durban Metro Electricity Test Technician / Alstom Measurements Applications Technician) 10 years experience in protection testing,  applications and substation commissioning.

                                                                                    Andrew Grant August 2004

AMG Power Systems